Drooping rose


Colorful  flower wilts, comes back to life at your command. Wonderful comedy potential! Works out of your pocket – very easy to carry around. Needs no resetting. You control the speed and the amount of droop. The comedy drooping flower is a very versatile prop and is sure to fit someplace in just about any magician’s routine. The flower can be made to droop in any direction. For example it can bend towards a lady who is asked to smell it, and bend away when magi tries. The Drooping Flower is made from a special grade of feathers making it large and more attractive, with a far superior life span. Show the red flower to the audience and pretend to deeply inhale its lovely fragrance. Exhale on the flower, and make it wilt as you breathe on it. As a “thank you” to a special audience member, attempt to hand the red flower to him. Each time he reaches for the flower, it wilts. Start with the flower wilted. To illustrate an inspiring story, make the flower come back to life as you speak.

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